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More About Us

Let's tell you more about us and how we got started and what we are about. Drop-Dead Bizarre was founded in 2013 as a congregated effort between Art by PORK and ReVamp Beauty...with focuses on: modification & craftsmanship of classic & traditional Half-Mask ideas & concepts into unique one-of-a-kind wearable and/or displayable pieces or Art, Illustration & Fan Art, Custom hand-painted Machetes, Chef Knives, Cleavers & Saw Blades, Creepy Dollhead Nightlights, Limbed Windchimes, Fashion Hats, Uncanny Hair Clips, Sculpture painting, Makeup & Hair Design, Body painting, small Tattoo Design, and Organization/Team Logo Design.


Bob Bass better known as PORK (aka Porko the Klown & Humanpork) and Darbella Knight (aka Knockerz the Klown & Darby Drop-Dead) are both Freelance Artists and co-founders of both Drop-Dead Bizarre and upcoming Porkrhynde Intertainment Group (aka P.I.G.). From time to time, they collaborate and feature items from Dakota's Cuties and Gynger's Designs. Pork  & Darbella currently reside in the metro area of Atlanta, GA. Their artistic styles range from Vintage Masquerade Masks to the shuddersome faces only found in Nightmares, from Comic Book Heroes to Horror Icon Fan Art, from traditional Beauty Make-overs to Theatre' & Horror Make-up, from creatively colorful Flowered and/or Feathered Clips to the Unique and Uncanny Mini Top Hats, from custom Action Figures to small Prop Designs, from Bowling Shirts to Business Logos and Tattoo Designs. and intrducing creepy Dollhead Nights and hand-painted Blades. Between them both, they also have some experience in Film/Television, as extras in such projects as: Halloween 2 (RZ 2009 ), The Originals, The Blind Side, Stomp the Yard 2, Classof '61, Night of the Jackal and In the Heat of the Night. 

Pork & Darbella also volunteer their time for charity...in the forms of custom donations/silent auctions/manual labor, with places such as the Artshow at Dragon Con (for a combined 14+ years), NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) and Scares That Care. So if you see us at an Event near you, be sure to stop by and say hello...who knows what you might stumble upon or become witness to, in our world of Bizarre or at our House of Bizarre!?!


 10'x10'      8'x8'10' x 20' 

We have SO much to offer, that any space smaller than 8'x8' is hard for us to setup in. There were a few Events where we had to squeeze into a 6'x6' and another into a 5'x6'...for more like those, I suppose we'd need two spaces/tables...we really prefer the larger spots...usually at the end of a row or end cap or along walls in/or on a corner...hint-hint for you people handling the Convention Floorplan Layouts!