We make to Order, so PLEASE use the 'Contact Us' Tab to place and/or discuss your Order request. 


Products of Past...take a moment to scroll through our past works...we are always adding to them!


For now please go to www.facebook.com/dropdead.bizarre in 'Photos' then 'ALBUMS' (not All Photos) to view what it is we love to do! We have our ALBUMS separted into what is 'For Sale' currently vs what we've done in the past. If it's marked 'SOLD' or in a Sold Folder, then we do not have that product. That being said, if you like something or are interested in something we have done in the past and want one like it...we do not do doubles nor mass produce, so to stay true with our 'One-of-a-Kind' theme for everyone, we will make something similar, but not exact to the original...but it will be just as awesome in it's own way too. We hope everyone understands, because we just want YOU to own something that NO other is going to have out there anywhere!